SJConcepts Monthly Promotions

Every month at SJConcepts we have a monthly promotion of selected JL Audio (car audio) products. We market this promotion using a variety of different methods, some of which are below:


This is the main banner which goes on the front of the SJConcepts website. It is also used on social media.

This is a banner designed for the cover section of Facebook so it fits around the profile picture and the call to action section at the top of the profile page.


This animated square is for either ppc advertising or for use on social media channels

This animated leaderboard is for either ppc advertising or as advertising on the Jet Automotive websites


This static skyscraper is designed for ppc advertising or as advertising on the Jet Motor Gwent websites

This is our monthly email campaign which is sent out to all our customers in our database highlighting the products that are currently on offer. It will then link through to the main promotion page on the website.


This JL Audio Product poster is printed out and displayed in the waiting room of the showroom or resized and used as a flyer around local businesses.

This is the August Promotion final page which is on our website. It has been written to try to get the highest search engine ranking, using 100% unique content and Google Keyword planner. It provides customers with a detailed overview of each product and how to get in contact if they are interested.


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