Casualty Series 34

I was the graphic designer for 37 episodes of Series 34 of Casualty, based at BBC Roath Lock in Cardiff, South Wales. Updated the Emergency Department screen graphics for this series as well as a new Police 4×4 and a new billboard for the backlot alongside the regular Casualty graphics such as an Airport, Train Station, Ice Rink, Shops and more.

Series Designer: Owain Williams  |  Production Designers: Various

Tx Dates: 17 August 2019 – 26 September 2020

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Selected Graphics

Episode 8

Production Designer: Myra Lewis
Art Director: Angharad Elidir

This episode required us to have a character viewing some CCTV footage, so I filmed some on a GoPro with members of the Art Department, and then created this motion graphic with after effects.

Episode 25, 29, 31

In this series of Casualty we had three episodes set either on a station platform or on a train so I designed a series of graphics for a fictitious train franchise.

Graphics designed include – logo, tickets, train carriage graphics, posters, signage, window frosting, leaflets, departure boards, ticket vending machine as well as mock ups for the costume department.

Episode 31

Production Designer: Penny Harvey
Art Director: Angharad Elider

Building on the previously establied Holby International Airport logo and colour scheme I created a series of graphics for Holby’s fictional airport – from wayfinding signage, to screen graphics, roller banners as well as graphics for airport trolleys.