Doctor Who Series 13: Flux

13th (Since 2005) Series of Popular Science Fiction program Doctor Who. Based in Roath Lock in Cardiff, working with a large art department team creating graphics for various time periods, futuristic space elements and well as contemporary graphics. Creating larger graphics such as translights and vinyl flooring alongside creating animated motion graphics, action prop graphics and hand crafted elements.

 Production Designer: Dafydd Shurmer
Art Directors: Julia Jones, Ifan Lewis
Sec Decorator: Vicki Male

Job Role: Graphic Designer

Tx Dates: 31 October 2021 – 5th December 2021

Lupari Graphics

Designing various graphics for the Lupari spaceships such as alien emblem for the Lupari race, an alien language, graphics for perspex etching, vinyls, frosted screen graphics, and designing motion graphics for the cockpit of the spacecraft. Various graphics for different ship status such as in flight, radar, ui menus, power levels, communications, various alerts and being attacked by the sonic screwdriver


Sontaran Graphics

Designing various graphics for the Sontarans such as there emblem, language, flags, vinyls as well as designing motion graphics for the various screens of their spacecraft. Various graphics designed to illustrate different elements of the ship such as communications, life support, alert, prison area etc.

Action Prop & Dressing Graphics

Motion Graphics, User Interfaces and Phone Graphics