Doctor Who Season 1

Employed as the Graphic Designer on Season 1 and the 60th Anniversary Specials of the new Doctor Who based at Bad Wolf Studios in Cardiff. Part of a larger graphics team after the scaling up from BBC to Disney+, working across a wide variety of graphics from 1960s period graphics to futuristic spaceships, screens and user interfaces.

 Production Designer: Phil Sims
Supervising Art Director: Robyn Paiba
Sec Decorator: Adrian Anscombe

Job Title: Graphic Designer

Tx Dates: 11th May 2024 – 8th July 2024

New Tardis Console Room

As a new season with a new Doctor I had the chance to design new elements for a new Tardis and refresh alot of the pre-existing content that had been in Doctor Who since 2005. Using the historical elements as a base I designed a new cleaner version of the Gallifreyan as well as console plates, dial graphics and screen user interfaces. 

1960’s Period Graphics

The second episode of the series was set in 1963 so that was a great opportunity to design a wide variety of 1960’s period graphics – from newspapers, tax discs and car number plates to EMI & Abbey Road signage and music magazines.

Albion Political Campaign

The fourth Episode featured a political campaign for a fictional political party ‘Albion’. This episode provided an opportunity to create a fictional campaign office as well as converting Cardiff City Stadium into the Albion rally. Graphics designed include the Albion Logo, campaign dressing, campaign boards, campaign posters, large format banners, foamex hanging signs, balloons and even a cardboard cut out with Roger Ap Gwilliams face on it. 

Action Props and Dressing Graphics

Motion Graphics, User Interfaces and Phone Graphics