Casualty Series 33

I was the graphic designer for all 46 episodes of Series 33 of Casualty, based at BBC Roath Lock in Cardiff. The series featured a wide variety of contemporary graphics to design, such as business cards, flyers, posters to screen graphics such as phone applications and websites. This series also gave me the chance to design graphics for the two new series ambulances.

Series Designer: Owain Williams  |  Production Designers: Various

Tx Dates: 11 August 2018 – 10 August 2019

ambulance holby stephen fielding casualty graphic
holby city hospital signage graphics stephen fielding
hotel graphics stephen fielding
casualty paperwork graphics stephen fielding
stephen fielding estate agent graphic design casualty
casualty bus stephen fielding graphics
holiday magazine graphics stephen fielding
day zero graphics stephen fielding
redmonds shop graphics stephen fielding
pizza shop stephen fielding casualty graphics

Selected Graphics

Paediatric Ward

New for this series was a Paediatric Ward – which required alot of new graphics and signage. I designed several murals on foamboard which could be easily removed as well as drawing several other child themed cartoons such as rocket ships, farm animals, lily pads, monsters that could be used throughout the ward. 

Episode 26

Production Designer: Myra Lewis
Art Director: David Buck

This episode featured was a crossover between Casualty and Holby when the hospital is infected by a computer virus. I designed a series of still images and motion graphics imitating various stages of a computer virus for Casualty as well as the subsequent Holby City episode . 

Episode 30

Production Designer: Penny Harvey
Art Director: Lucy Robertson

This was an episode set in a Paramedic Call Centre. To make sure we got it as accurate as possible I spent time with a medical advisor to match my graphics with what you would expect to see in a real-life paramedic call centre

I created a variety of screens for the episode, a was mixture of still, animated and interactives executable files. 

Episode 42

Production Designer: Henry Jaworski
Art Director: Abby Greenhaf

This episode was set in a derelict childrens softplay centre. The centre was called Toucan Towers so I designed a toucan logo as well as signage for the centre which was then aged for the shoot.